Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn Happiness Points? 

You must be enrolled in our Happiness Rewards Program in order to earn Happiness Points. To enroll, simply click the button that's located in the bottom-right of your screen and follow the directions. 

After you're enrolled, purchases made directly on our website are automatically added to your account. In order to earn points for purchases made on Facebook (through Facebook posts or live shows) the email you use in the Comment Sold system must be an exact match to the email you registered with on this site. If the emails are not an exact match, you will not receive points for purchases made on Facebook. 

How do I redeem Happiness Points? 

Happiness Points can only be redeemed directly on this site ( To redeem your points, click the purple Happiness Rewards button in the bottom-right of the page and log into your account. Once you log in, you can click the link that says "Spend Happiness Points" and follow the directions. 

The discount codes that are created when redeeming Happiness Points are automatically generated by the rewards system on and are not linked to the Comment Sold system used on Facebook. We really wish this wasn't the case, but we appreciate your understanding the limits of the technologies we're utilizing! But the codes do work right here on this site! :-)   

What is the Comment Sold system? 

The Comment Sold system is linked to Facebook and allows things to be automatically added to your cart simply by commenting on Facebook (during a live show or on a post). The cart feature of the Comment Sold system is separate from the cart on this site. Your Comment Sold cart can be viewed here: