Closing Announcement

Well... all good things come to an end. And this has been a GOOD thing. Before I go on, let me first say thank you to you - our amazing customers - for supporting our business and being the reason we did all we did! 🤗

That being said, Clint and I have made the very difficult decision to close Onyx & Oak. This decision has come with plenty of sadness and sorrow as we've enjoyed this business and the tons of joy you all brought to our lives! However, with inflation and rising costs across the board and the expectation to have the best deals at all times, we unfortunately don’t see a profitable way forward. We’ve been trying to adapt to the changing economy, but we can no longer hang on. This economy is brutal for small businesses. 😔

We aren't exactly sure what's ahead for us. I know we'll figure something out for our family, but we don’t have anything lined up yet. 🙏🏼

We're going to spend March wrapping things up in our warehouse, so if you'd like to support Onyx & Oak one last time and help us clear out our warehouse, the best way to do that is with our Mega Mystery Bags or Surprise Judy Blues. You can snag them here:

Closeout Deals

If you already got one a couple weeks ago, grab another! 😜

Thanks again for being the amazing customers you have been! It’s been a joy for our family to serve you through Onyx & Oak! ❤️ 

With Love,
Kate & Clint (and the fam)


Davenport Family