About Us – Onyx & Oak

About Us

Onyx & Oak is an online boutique located in North Idaho specializing in cute and comfortable clothing for women. Our collection of stylish and affordable pieces allow every woman to celebrate their own sense of style with confidence – no matter her size, weight, or stage of life!

Onyx & Oak was founded by Clint and Kate Davenport, a husband and wife team, and has grown into a beautiful and supportive community of women all over the country – even being voted as one of Idaho's Best Online Boutiques in 2019! 

Kate is fun, spunky, energetic, fearless and full of life. If you have any doubt, just watch a live sale! She has a passion for lifting women up, helping them to feel beautiful in their own skin, and inspiring them to live with confidence and authenticity.

As for Clint, did he grow up as a young boy dreaming of owning a women’s clothing boutique? Not exactly. But his mind for business, together with Kate’s passion and talent, helps keep Onyx & Oak running smoothly as he oversees all of the behind-the-scenes work.

We know you have many options when it comes to shopping for clothes and we want to express just how much we appreciate each and every one of our customers! Onyx & Oak wouldn't be here without the love and support we receive from all over!